Wetsuit brand – USA

Thinner and thicker versions of the Pinnacle Aquatics logo by Type Design


Pinnacle Aquatics was a set up by a New Zealand entrepreneur looking to enter the competitive US wetsuit market. The brand would have to work hard to define itself as a high-end choice, emphasising its main point of difference: a scientifically developed and thoroughly tested product, using state-of-the-art materials.

Pinnacle asked Type Design to create an overall brand, and sub-brands for specialist products. The brand imagery would also need to appear sympathetically as part of the wetsuit design.


We felt the brand needed a professional feel, firmly anchored in the aquatic environment. It should have a timeless quality and the ability to speak to a wide audience of active, enthusiastic and discerning men and women who use wetsuits for work or play.

After looking at competitors’ brands, as well as parallels in the automotive and other industries targeting a similar demographic, we built a sleek, streamlined typographical application. Its linear, joined-up style suggests strength, purposeful design and reliable protection.


Pinnacle wetsuits sub-brands merino lining and titanium

A serif typeface employed for Pinnacle’s Merino Lining and Titanium sub-brands brings sufficient contrast with the overarching brand, while reiterating the feeling of a strong, dependable, thoroughly engineered product.


Pinnacle hood and chest rubber graphics on wetsuit, by Type Design

Two versions of a concentric, rising bubble motif applied to the suit fabric draw from imagery such as centrifuges and DNA, suggest the high-level research and development behind Pinnacle’s products.

Pinnacle elude sub-brand and bubble motif shown on wetsuit hood, by Type Design

Pinnacle Aquatics‘ website gives further examples of the brand in action as part of their website, suits and accessories.