Film production company – UK

Joyrider Films hand-finished typography signage by Type Design


Specialising in capturing cinematic performances within spontaneous, visual storytelling and visual effects, UK film production company Joyrider asked Type Design to take their existing logo and render it in a way that would communicate their unique skillset. They planned to use it to signpost their studios, and photograph it for use in promotional material and digital content.

It was important that colours were consistent with print and digital versions of their logo.


I commissioned a laser cutter to cut the letters from 8mm plates of iron, with the helmet cut from 4mm aluminium, adding texture, depth and contrast.

Type Design felt it was important, to communicate Joyrider’s key selling point, to use a rough cut. Although cleaned up by hand with metal files, some machining was left visible to show Joyrider’s spontaneous, authentic edge.

To give strength, pieces were fastened with 2-part Araldite and threaded together with 3-stage tap-and-die.

Joyrider logo paper templates and tap and die
Joyrider sign of rough-cut steel, before hand-filing and painting

I painted the backing plate with enamel that was hand-mixed to match brand’s yellow pantone spot colour. The dusted black on the type came about from several layers of oil paint lightly sponged on, followed with a coat of matte sealer.

Setting the glue within the Joyrider sign by Type Design
Finished Joyrider sign by Type Design, hung on a wall