Sexual and reproductive rights charity – Global


Whilst contracting in London a few years back, IPPF asked me to establish brand guidelines around an already-established logo and colour palette. They asked for examples of how to frame information, crop photography and treat typography.

As a major global charity producing significant numbers of publications in multiple languages for diverse audiences, consistency was key to strengthening the brand and renewing its vital purposes in the eyes of government, corporate and philanthropic supporters.


We looked at other large charities in the sector and found little to differentiate IPPF from similar brands. For example, several other charities were using the colour cyan to flood backgrounds as a means of separating information.

The solution, inspired by IPPF’s core value of diversity and operating across a spectrum of social and cultural values, was to use a suite of paneled tints. Framing a photograph cropped to emphasise how impact on an individual ripples out through her community, the brand became at once more distinct, coherent and powerful.

We also argued for a radical increase in the use of open space throughout reports and documents once cluttered with information, relaxing the eye and giving readers pause to consider and digest the compelling impact of IPPF’s work.




Brief was to Redesign a publication, an A5 booklet titled Xpress which advocated sexual awareness for youths, as comprehensively as possible around the world. Brand perimeters including style guides and template perimeters for future editions. Translated into 7 different languages, print run of 40k + worldwide.